Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello friends and family! I’m still here! I have been out of commission for so long because life has been busy. Really busy. Work has picked up, which barely leaves time for making meals and daily yoga. On that note, I have done 53 days of yoga as of today!! It has really been the most fantastic experiment. Matt and I are doing both kundalini and hatha yoga, which is a perfect mix of working out, meditation and spirituality. I definitely plan to keep it up after 60 days are over.

I have also been busy with visitors. My mom was here two weeks ago and my brother and Laura have been here since Friday. It is the best to have family here!

Other than that, life is good. I’ve been feeling so peaceful and centered the last few weeks. A lot less stress, racing thoughts and guilt than I usually have. I think it’s because of the changes in eating, but it must also be the yoga. A few weeks ago Matt and I were taking a walk and I told him that for the first time (maybe in my life!), I find myself thinking that life is really good right now. It’s not that I’ve ever thought I had a bad life, it’s just that I have always wanted more, bigger or better. I am still reaching for those things, but I feel like I am in a place right now where everything is ok just the way it is – even if the situation is not what I would choose if I were given the choice. I have been spending my time how I want to and with the people that I want to, and I’ve been feeling comfortable with who I am. It’s a nice feeling! And I’m just so grateful for everything. Sometimes I get the feeling that I am overflowing with gratitude. So I’m really enjoying the ride for now. Thanks to you for being a part of it.

Jessica O.